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Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Ch. 9

This is where I went off an update schedule.  I probably should have waited to start posting the story, but I was afraid of fandom fade, and also I have no idea how long this thing is going to be, besides “lonnnng”.  It probably won’t top Halfway to the Moon, but it looks like it may pass Skein eventually.

It’s also where Jupiter really steps into her inheritance, I think, genetic as well as physical.  Using that power is in a sense her point of no return.

I must have rewritten some of these scenes five or six times...

Ch. 10

The whole hair thing was a last-minute idea, really, but it struck me as fun.  I don’t think Caine carries a knife in the film, at least that we can see, but it seems like something a soldier should have on hand anyway.  And why throw your own when you can take your opponent’s and use that?

It’s good to get back to Captain Tsing, even if she doesn’t evolve much in these chapters.  I do like her so much.

Kalique is a difficult character to write.  I know how I want her to play out, but we don’t see much of her on screen so it’s tricky.  More so since I’m not using her POV.
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