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Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Ch. 11

The wardrobe suite is, of course, taken from the concept art shown here, and many thanks to TheBadLuckTux for posting it where I could see it!  Though I stole the rose-dress from the marvelous Silver Woven in My Hair.

It’s a tricky line to walk between Jupiter’s desire for luxury and a certain distaste for the incredible excess of Entitlement.

Graf OS is a hat-tip.  :D  Certain readers may perhaps figure it out.

I have no idea how Jupiter is charging her iPhone.

The singing jellyfish were Cincoflex’s idea!

Ch. 12

I am enjoying the evolution of the relationship between Jupiter and Stinger.  I don’t want him to fall into a paternal role; for one thing, the power differential is wrong for that.  But in the film he seemed to throw himself into Jupiter’s corner, if for no other reason than because Caine was there, and I do think that her determination to consider Splices people will be very attractive to most of them.

Another cliffhanger, which is bad of me to do so soon after the previous one, but again I had it in mind for a long time.  Though this whole thing may be over-elaborate.  I do tend to bog myself down sometimes.

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