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--and I am constantly trying to type it as "Jupiter Rising".

Oh, it's so much fun.

Yes, it's flawed--it leaves too many minor questions unanswered, though a sequel could clean some of them up.  The fight scenes do run on a bit (a failure, I might point out, of just about any action film these days).  The vilains are so completely over the top that they climb down the other side--and have fun doing it.

But the visuals are stunning, the dialogue works, there's great chemistry, and it has Sean Bean enjoying himself.

I keep hearking back to Independence Day, or 1999's The Mummy.  SF/F movies that are exactly what they say they are--somewhat lighthearted adventures that are enjoyable to watch and solid enough to watch again.  Improbable, perhaps, but if you want reality, why are you watching movies?  :P


May. 3rd, 2013 08:39 pm
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I admit that I watched Cheri simply because it stars Michelle Pfeiffer.  And Colette has never been on my radar; I prefer literature of a decade or two later.

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Spoilers below...but seriously, the movie’s almost thirty years old.  If you haven’t seen it by now, you should have.

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Well, not here here yet, but!  The Starman TV series is out on DVD!  

*insert many undignified noises here* 

Amazon has it, apparently under print on demand.  Not ideal, but since the only versions I've seen are old VCR recordings put up on YouTube in pieces (and all honor to the person who did so), I'll take it. 

I'm not sure this show ever even made it into reruns, but it was a mostly worthy successor to the original film--Robert Hays is a genius with the role--and is one of my 2.5 exceptions to my "you can't put an entirely different actor in the same role and expect me to believe it's the same person, you twit" rule (one of the several reasons I don't watch any of the Stargate series despite adoring the film.  Bantha!).  I recommend it highly, though it does reek of the '80s.  And the DVDs should be in my hot little hands tomorrow.  

First Max Headroom, now this.  If they'd put out The Wizard, I could die happy.  

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