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One of the things I like about Forever Knight is the way they slip in people of color and women as minor characters.  Often the guest characters are painfully stereotypical, and Schanke is a horror, but I'm not even through the first season and I've already noted an Indian lady as a Crown prosecutor and a Black lady as a judge.  It's a little unusual for a show from the early Nineties.

Also, Tori Higginson got to snog Geraint Wyn Davies.  *grin*  
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So if I have to be home for weeks post-surgery, it would be a great time to work on my Netflix list, right?  I mean, it’s so long I have an extra list on my computer.

So, I’m starting instead with the first season of Forever Knight, which I have on DVD.  :P  However, I don’t have the third season, so one could argue that I can clear that off the list when I get that far.

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Oh boy

Jan. 13th, 2013 10:31 pm
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I've been working my way through the first season of War of the Worlds TV series, mostly to get to the second season to see Catherine Disher and Adrian-Paul-with-short-hair (I saw a couple of scattered eps years ago and was intrigued).  The first season is, alas, appallingly bad; badly written and very poorly acted for the most part.  Usually the extras are doing a better job than the main folks, though it's good to see a main character of color, a main character who's handicapped, and a woman scientist--esp. in a '90s series! 

However, watching a very young Detective Vartan spew green and melt was unexpectedly entertaining.  *grin*  Not to mention him dressing like an escapee from New Wave. 

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Will someone please eat the lacrosse coach?  Soon? 


Jul. 29th, 2012 08:47 pm
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Walking Dead = Zombie Soap Opera. 

The acting's sterling, the special effects fittingly nauseating, the writing spotty.  Having blown through both seasons, I find myself shaking my head over how many tricks these people are missing. 

The dead can't climb.  Hammocks!  Platforms!  Tree houses! 

Can the dead swim?  I seriously doubt it.  Islands!  Houseboats! 

Not to mention, they drove away from the highway site leaving behind the supplies.  

Seriously, people.  You keep talking about thinking in survival mode, but you're stuck in the same old patterns. 

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I have started watching The Walking Dead.  This time it is Quicksilvermad's fault.  *snerk*  When I start dreaming about a particular character without having seen a single episode, I might as well just give in and watch... 
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Can anyone tell me what the story is re: Henry's father?  Are there any details about him?  I can't remember what was said. 
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Well, not here here yet, but!  The Starman TV series is out on DVD!  

*insert many undignified noises here* 

Amazon has it, apparently under print on demand.  Not ideal, but since the only versions I've seen are old VCR recordings put up on YouTube in pieces (and all honor to the person who did so), I'll take it. 

I'm not sure this show ever even made it into reruns, but it was a mostly worthy successor to the original film--Robert Hays is a genius with the role--and is one of my 2.5 exceptions to my "you can't put an entirely different actor in the same role and expect me to believe it's the same person, you twit" rule (one of the several reasons I don't watch any of the Stargate series despite adoring the film.  Bantha!).  I recommend it highly, though it does reek of the '80s.  And the DVDs should be in my hot little hands tomorrow.  

First Max Headroom, now this.  If they'd put out The Wizard, I could die happy.  


Feb. 26th, 2012 11:13 am
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Regarding Skin Deep: did anyone else wonder why Professor Snape was cleaning the hospital basement? 
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I haven't watched the (relatively) new Sherlock, in part because I find the idea of an out-of-period remake irritating (why??  What on earth moves people to do that?).  So I don't know much about it.  

But I looked it up tonight and am absolutely boggled that fandom has exploded over a show that's only had six episodes.  Are they double-length or some such?  Even Firefly took fourteen.  


Dec. 9th, 2011 10:56 am
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Hah!  XD 

I watched the latest CSI last night and spent the whole episode thinking "I know you from somewhere" about both the older FBI agent (Viggo?  Really?) and the corporation head.  This morning I remembered to look them up.  

They both guest-starred on UC: Undercover, at the same time.  In fact, Titus Welliver's character may have shot Grant Show's character, but I can't remember precisely.  

I wonder if they do!


Dec. 9th, 2011 10:48 am
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Hah!  XD 

I watched the latest CSI last night and spent the whole episode thinking "I know you from somewhere" about both the older FBI agent (Viggo?  Really?) and the corporation head.  This morning I remembered to look them up.  

They both guest-starred on UC: Undercover, at the same time.  In fact, Titus Welliver's character may have shot Grant Show's character, but I can't remember precisely.  

I wonder if they do! 

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A couple of days ago I rambled on about writing fanfic for Prey, and what it meant for me.

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Nov. 6th, 2011 11:31 am
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I've been rewatching the Magnificent Seven series from 1997, and I've only gotten partway through the first season, but ohh my, it holds up pretty well.  Some obvious and timeworn tropes, but the characterization is mostly still superb, and it's so much fun.  

I like Ezra now more than I did before, and Mary less.  JD is mostly irritating, in part because what they do with him is so obvious, but he has his moments.  Nathan is a dear as ever, and Josiah is pure delight.  

And while I find Vin the sexiest, I simply adore Buck.  Adore.  Back when Dale Midkiff was doing Time Trax, his character confessed to having always dreamed of being a cowboy, and it was clear then that Mr. Midkiff himself had the same dream.  And here he is playing one (strictly speaking, he's not a cowboy in the classic sense, but close enough) and he is obviously having the time of his life.  

The show's a role-call of great sci-fi/fantasy, too, starting of course with Ron Perlman and Michael Biehn.  Mr. Midkiff has several such credits to his name, and Eric Close and Rick Worthy do too.  Plus, there are at least two people guest-starring who were also in Plymouth with Mr. Midkiff...  

Also, everything is authentically dusty.  Netflix has it on streaming as well as disc, and I recommend it.  

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Wow, they're really going for the in-depth characterization, aren't they?  *blink* 

(And, astonishingly, I was pretty much right.  Gracious.) 


Nov. 1st, 2011 11:10 pm
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Castle stole half that plot from UC: Undercover.  Not that they didn't do decent things with it... 


Aug. 3rd, 2011 11:11 pm
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Snabbled from...somewhere.

What's your guilty pleasure? List 5 movies/TV shows you have a hard time justifying. Don't justify them....just tell us why you love 'em.

1. The first one that comes to mind is of course Independence Day. There's so much wrong with this movie, from the science to the attitude, but there's also so much to love. Irresistibly quotable. It doesn't pass the Bechdel test, really, but I do like the female characters all the same. Plus, doggie!

2. Solarbabies. Whatever you have to say about this movie, I don't want to hear it. The concept's original, or if not is a riff off an obscure British kids' book, and I do enjoy a good postapocalyptic tale. I adore Bohdai; that was exactly the sort of thing I wished to have happen to me when I was a kid.  Heck, I'd take it now.  And I love how the good side wins against terrible odds.  

3. Time Trax, which has not aged well.  On a recent rewatch I was appalled by its attitude towards women.  And yet, Dale Midkiff still makes me melt, and he had the gift (and still might!) of treating the stock female characters who passed through as real in a way I find hard to describe.  Also, the vision of the future was pretty interesting.  

4. The Boy Who Could Fly, which never was appreciated as much as I thought it should be.  Because it's spot-on, in so many ways, and yet doesn't quite do the expected thing, much to my everlasting delight.  Also, have you noticed the cast?  

5. Hackers, which is an object of much scorn, but by golly it's fun.  And contrary to common expectations, Ms. Jolie can act, and quite well too.  And I always want to know more about Razor and Blade.  Plus, any club where you can rollerskate inside is cool.  

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Okay, I can forgive them the Metro not looking right, and the signs that say "Subway", but it doesn't go to Frederick! 

Not to mention, there ain't no palm trees around here, guys, sheeeeesh. 

The Raiders of the Lost Ark scene at the end, though, was amusing. 

I admit, Rossi's growing on me--he's toned down the arrogance somewhat, and the uneven eye thing is of interest.  But I am watching, and I can't see anything more than friendship between him and Prentiss...yet. 

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In a good way, though.  Roadkill has as a guest Dale Midkiff, who has been one of my weak spots since, oh, 1993 or so.  Not only that, his character has the same first name as the one he played in the incomparable Plymouth.  He's been elsewhere, too--one of those very good actors who just never got a big break--but for me he will always be Darien Lambert and Gil Eaton.  Such a voice he has. 

And my word, but Hotch has guts.  Talk about using the weapon to hand...  

That said, it was a pretty dumb episode, I thought.  The two people killed on-screen, when chased by a truck, ran straight away instead of going behind a barrier or onto undriveable ground?  Honestly!  You get maybe one pass for panic, but that was ridiculous. 

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