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Now posted.  I really have to start finishing my chapters earlier.  This time I got bit by the smut fairy, and that always takes forever.

[livejournal.com profile] cincoflex did the banner.  Is it not gorgeous?  :D

First off, someone did already tell Jupiter about the destabilizations, but I can't remember who mentioned it--and to be fair, she probably didn't even hear it at the time.  People kept dumping information on her head and she really didn't have time to process it all.

I am always hesitant to introduce named OCs.  Not necessarily those like Dr. Thompson, who has a part to play, but the sort of side/background characters needed to fill things out.  It's so hard to make them believable, and in this case ten (!) are more than a few.  But an honor guard needs enough people to allow for time off, and so ten it is, to make a dozen with Caine and Stinger.  And I have named all of them, even though they may never get named on screen, as 'twere.

I have no idea what Forthwith and Laur are spliced with.

Edsel is, by extension, Cinco's fault.  :P

ETA (I forgot!): Essentials of Economic Theory As Applied to Modern Problems of Industry and Public Policy actually exists, but it was written by John Bates Clark, a neoclassical economist born in 1847.  I needed a worthy title; I admit I haven't read the book.

I sometimes wonder if people find this story too slow.  Let me tell you, it's gonna pick up in another couple of chapters...  *evil laugh*
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