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I am suddenly envisioning the cast of Blake's 7 in the roles of Inception.  

Blake as Dom, of course, and Avon as Arthur.  The tormented hero and the cynical, organized companion. 

Servalan as Mal; she was even a mother in canon, if briefly. 

Cally as Ariadne, I think; the outsider introduced to a new culture, a bit innocent, but possessing skills the others don't have or can't match.  Dayna is more a fit in age, but she's just too single-minded. 

And, inevitably, Vila as Eames, though he hasn't a noticeable talent for disguise.  Still, he'd supply the witticisms and the cool interest, the necessary foil to the intensity and the pragmatism. 

Alas, there's no place to put the others--Jenna and Zen and Orac and Gan and Dayna and Tarrant and Soolin, though Travis could easily play a Cobol thug.  Nor is there an immediate match for Miles or Saito.  Or are there?  It's been so long since I watched the series... 

"Other people's property comes naturally to me."  Tell me you can't hear that coming out of Eames' mouth. 

Date: 2011-04-27 10:49 am (UTC)
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"Other people's property comes naturally to me." Tell me you can't hear that coming out of Eames' mouth.
*giggle* I so can.

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